My kids’ nurseries have always been something I liked to work on after they were born. Though I would always start with something while I was pregnant — a blanket or a mobile — I just like the idea of working on the room when they are here and while I get to know them.

So yes, Baby L’s room has been a BIG work in progress for me as it was the first room in the house that I had a plan for. And though it’s technically been “finished” for a long while there were a few pieces I was waiting to finish before taking and releasing these photos.

So anyway, here it is! My daughter’s Llama Nursery. (I actually couldn’t decide on a theme until she arrived… I was debating between Llamas and Sloths — both very trendy nursery themes by now). After we brought her home and named her, the L alliteration with her name sealed the deal for the Llama theme.

Baby L’s Nursery

Check out some of the details in the photos below and let me know whatcha think!

While Pregnant: The blanket was the start of the colour scheme and the feature wall’s wallpaper was the first thing I did in the room before baby was born.
Blanket pattern by @DarlingBeBrave which I modified and embellished a bit with some fun poms and a llama, of course.
Mobile by me (one of the last things I made for the room) and a crocheted llama in the crib by me as well. The other llama in the crib we picked up at an Alpaca farm not too far away. Also, the textured wall piece that you can see a bit of in this photo was a gift from my parents after their down-sizing move this summer — I believe it was originally from Turkey(?)
Llama Rocker was a gift from my mom from Pottery Barn.

The feature wall is my ode to all things handmade. Many of the things on the wall are things that I made myself, some are things that my friends and family made and gifted to us, and others are things that are handmade by artists I admire. (See links to all the crafters at the end of this post.) I also left space on the wall for me to make more things and add to her room over time. 

The finished feature wall — my ode to all things handmade.
  • Felted Pom Garland was from the Michaels Christmas collection a few years ago
  • Woven Wall Hanging by @TeddyandWool (I splurged on this gorgeous piece and don’t regret it one bit!)
  • Punch Needle Monstera Leaf by me
  • White Mexican Dream Catcher was a souvenir we picked up on Baby L’s first vacay
  • Pink Cross Stitch Llama by my pal @SaraWildePhotography
  • Felted Llama Hoop custom made by the incredibly talented @FuzzyandFlora
  • Llama Bubbles Print by Water in my Paint
  • Cross Stitch Navy Hoop by @DianaWattersHandmade
  • Llama Embroidery Kit by @kirikipress (and made by my mom)
  • Random “You Should Be Kissed” print was something I picked up somewhere… can’t remember where!
  • Letter L with felt succulents by me

How did you go about your baby’s nursery? Did you have a theme all planned out from the get-go or was it a work in progress like mine? 

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