Okay, so doing a chalkboard wall might be a little late to the trend. But I have always wanted to do a photo wall with embroidery hoops. So combining the two in a feature wall seemed only to make the most perfect sense! Here’s how I did it…

Step 1: Plan Your Photos

I wanted this to be a feature wall of vacation photos. So going back through the archives I tried to select just ONE photo from each vacation that we’ve been on. (If you ask me, this was the hardest part of the whole thing!) I ordered some really neat textured embroidery hoops off of etsy and then had to pick up some more regular ones from Michaels cuz I didn’t order enough!

Using Adobe Illustrator (or you can use any software that allows you to position and resize photos on a page) I laid out the photos I wanted at the correct sizes to match the embroidery hoops. Just make sure you lay them out all on ONE artboard and leave about an extra 1″ bleed all the way around each photo so that you have enough of the photo to extend all the way into the frame. (For example, if you have a 3″ circular frame, your photo should be at least 4″ in height and width.)

Then find your favourite canvas printing studio and choose the “rolled canvas” option. Then send your artboard off to print!! 

TIP: If it’s an online store I recommend signing up for their newsletter to keep a look out for deals — I’ve noticed they tend to have 30-40% off around long weekends.

Step 2: Prime and Paint

While you wait for your photos to be mailed to you, take a trip to home depot and pick up some chalkboard paint. They have about 30 different kinds now — metallic, coloured, magnetic, you name it! — if you’re confused, just wait around and ask a sales associate. Tape off and paint your wall following the instructions on the can. 

TIP: Just make sure you do one really thick coat. I ended up having to do 2 coats to cover up some holes and as a result the wall isn’t as smooth as if I would’ve just tried to go on thicker the first time.

Step 3: Frame and Hang

When your photos arrive, use an X-acto and metal ruler and trim down each picture then frame your photos in the embroidery hoops. Once framed you can trim the excess if you wish. 

Once the wall is dry and you’ve pulled off the tape, proceed to plan out and hang your pictures. I laid them out on my kitchen table first and I tried not to hang them too perfectly aligned because I know I’ll want to add more pictures to the wall after have more vacations.

Step 4: Write/Draw/Enjoy!

Okay, now take down your pictures because you don’t want to get them all chalky. Then using chalk go bananas on the wall with your favourite phrase or quote. Don’t worry about trying to make it perfect. It’s your handwriting, your style and that’s what makes it endearing! Once you’re finished with the chalk masterpiece hang up the pictures again and you’re done! 

Feel free to change up the quote every so often or use the bottom-half of the wall as the kids’ art zone. The possibilities are endless!

#featurewall complete!

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