These articles were originally written at Pivot Design Group, a Toronto-based user experience and communication design firm.

In this series, we explored the methods and principles of user experience design (UXD) and how they could practically be applied to today’s business problems. It’s a 5-part series to feel free to take your time reading them — they’re doozies.

Just a note: you might be confused about the use of the word “design”. In layman terms, the use of the word design means basically anything that is aesthetically engineered. However, generally the design industry uses the word design to mean design thinking — which refers to the process, management and research that goes into a strategic design solution or approach.

More food for thought in the original posts on the Pivot website below.

Part 1: Design Enhances Logic

Part 2: Design Improves Collaboration

Part 3: Design Generates Innovative Solutions

Part 4: Design Addresses Whole Systems

Part 5: Design Supports Continuous Improvement

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