With less than a month to go, and with so many months of preparation and planning already underway — for the house, for the baby and for the Etsy show – I’m finally making time and making some additions to the blog!

This has been one crazy year so far, and if moving and having another baby aren’t enough, I’ve also been chosen to be a vendor at the annual Etsy Made in Canada show (the Burlington edition). Actually, let’s make it crazier and do the show ONE WEEK before my estimated due date. Yeah, no biggie. 😉

So the past few months, when I haven’t been working, or furniture shopping, or wallpapering, or baby planning, I’ve been crocheting. This was hard to do at first because crocheting in the summer time is just one of those things that aren’t as appealing as crocheting when the weather is cool and you want to get cosy with some yarn. BUT with a deadline looming, you gotta do what you gotta do, right? And once I got into the swing of things, it was more about competing with myself, “How quickly can I make this cowl compared to the last one — one train right or two?”

How to plan for the unknown?

My fear is that I won’t have enough stock at the show and then that just looks like you’re plain unprepared. And though I’ve been to many handmade shows before, I’ve never had to plan for one as a vendor. Top that with the fact that my shop isn’t even a year old so I’m not sure what kind of interest there will be for my stuff.

How much is too much? How much is not enough? Should I order more yarn? How many colour options and sizes should I offer? Should I make more new products?

So many questions make it really tough to build stock for the show. But a couple weeks ago I took a look at everything I’ve been making and I think I’m feeling pretty good so far… I mean I still have a few weeks of crunch time to churn out some more cute slouchy beanies with pom poms, some more cosy toddler cowls, and even some more newborn bootie and beanie sets. All I can do is plan for the worst, do my best, and hope that that will be enough!

Come to the show and support handmade!

If you can make it to the show on September 23rd and are looking for more details, please visit the official page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1905910313019556/

Thank you for your support!

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