Okay, I know you’ve probably pinned about a thousand sweet potato and black bean salad recipes — just like I have — but trust me, this one addition makes this recipe the BEST. And I say that because my 12-month old ate it (which, okay fine, isn’t saying much because he’ll gorge himself on almost anything) AND my husband ate it (which is actually saying something because contrary to popular belief, HE is the picky one so I gotta look for much pinspiration most of the time to dress things up nice and get him to eat healthy things).

So yes, here is the recipe that I found, but then I went and added ROASTED HAZELNUTS.

Basically I chopped an onion and some garlic and tossed it with the sweet potatoes, seasonings etc. AND a handful of hazelnuts. All of it gets ROASTED — which gives it all a nice flavour that you just don’t get from steaming or boiling. And of course the lime and cilantro and black beans are all pretty standard additions for this type of salad. But OMG the roasted hazelnuts!

ROASTED. HAZELNUTS. You guys. Please. Try it.

*Unfortunately, bobo didn’t get to try the hazelnuts. We’ll wait until the molars come in before he gets a chance to try the full experience of this meal.


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