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I’ve always believed that it doesn’t take much to keep yourself content.
As long as you work hard and keep at it, lots can happen — here, right here.

Oh, hi there! My name is Iffat Jokhio. (pronounced “iff-ut jo-kyo”)

I am a user experience and graphic designer but I’m also a serial maker. I’m always trying and making new things because I love to learn and to do. I have a husband, two fur-babies, and two actual babies — one rambunctious toddler boy and one baby gal.

In my spare time I run a little online shop of handmade things — mainly crochet goodies for moms and their babies. I try out my patterns with my kids because it’s gotta work for us before I can make and sell it to anyone else. So everything I make is something I’d use and everything I make is made with love here, right here.